About us

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Our history

Makinoku has been established in 2009 by Yuki Sakomoto and is located in Taipei, Songshan district. Through the years, our restaurant met a great success and the increasing demand leaded us to open a new & bigger restaurant. Our restaurant now accommodates 180 seats and we are now located in the busy Taipei, Xinyi district area.


Our philosophy

We aim to provide a great dining experience to the largest audience. We don't cook to feed people, we cook to give them emotions. We've decorated our restaurant and display our dishes in a way that you will feel in a traditional Japanese restaurant in the heart of Tokyo


The team

We made work together several professional with different influences. Our chef, Usaki Kawasaki, has been trained in the best schools in Japan, and occupied the chef position in a Michelin awarded restaurant named "la tour d'orient" back in Japan. Our sous-chef, Wang Wuhei, is from Taiwan and has been working in several High class hinese cuisine restaurant before. They combine their 2 expertise to provide you with the best Asian fusion cuisine in town.